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Our Mission

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Our History

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Our Vision

We aim to acquire and develop the biggest citric
agricultural land bank in Egypt and to become one of 
the leading producers and exporters of citric products 
in Egypt and the region.

Condor Investment is in the process of acquiring key agricultural certifications such as Globalgap, HACCP and

The firm began with a land bank of about 120 acres in 1992. Today our land bank extends to more than 1,250 acres divided across three farms – all fed from fresh Nile water – two of which are located by the Ismailia canal in northeastern Egypt while the third is on a piece of virgin reclaimed land in Sinai (East Suez) known to be among the best-suited in Egypt for growth of citric products.

We have also long kept an eye on EU/GCC markets, in
which we see the potential to fill rising demand for fresh
and processed Egyptian produce.

Why Citric ?

We have adopted single crop specialization in citric
produce to perfect the quality of our output, aiming to
become one of the top names in the packaging,
marketing and logistics of citruses. Many factors have
driven our choice of the citric industry, including: 

• Egypts favorable weather conditions

• Geographic location at the African/Asian cross borders with close proximity to Southern Europe, Russia and the GCC market(s)

• Limited price fluctuations and long shelf life of citrus

• Egypt remains one of the few safe citrus growing
destinations in the world unlike Spain, Florida andother
places recently affected by diseases, unfavorable
weather conditions and natural disasters

• Egypts known reputation for excellent taste of citrus
products, which coupled with its geographical location
present excellent marketing tools for us

What We Do

With the aim of becoming one of the top 5 producers
and exporters of citric products in Egypt and the region
by the year 2015, we are constantly working on
upgrading our production and management strategies 
to ensure the best quality, yield and timing to meet
evolving local and international customer needs.

Product quality is ensured by our commitment and special attention from the early stages of land reclamation, choice of trees, program allocation and all the way up to nutritional programs and harvesting techniques. Various post-harvest operations such as packing and logistics are carefully handled to ensure safe delivery and on-time execution of various export programs. Within the frame of being a one stop shop, our range of services extends to:

• Farming and production
• Harvest
• Washing, waxing and sizing
• Packing (as per client/end user specifications and requirements)
• Freight transport and insurance allowing FOB, CFR as well as CIF delivery modes

Proud of our inheritance and achievements so far, we
look forward to continued growth, extended
development of current farms as well as growth of our
agriculture land bank.

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